May 4, 2009

I was almost road kill.

Naturally, I'm a pretty good driver. Not bragging, just being honest. Maybe I go way over the speedlimit. And hey, so what if I don't always use my turn signal when switching lanes. Yeah, I'm a badass. It makes me feel powerful, me and my little Toyota Yaris. But there is one thing that stil kinda scares me and makes my stomach turn just a little each time it happens. What's that, you ask? It's when I have to drive past a semi truck and I'm in the slow lane and they're not. Which, in my head, is always wierd because that's their territory, the let's-go-55mph-because-we-have-to lane. I just wanna scream out my window "Get back where you belong and stop making me pass you!".

Well anyways, 4:30am I'm driving to work, going 85mph because I'm already late as it is (I wasn't at home; spent the night with Justin in his truck (a semi truck people, with a sleeper) seeing as how he had to leave early this morning). Paying only just enough attention to the road, and nothing else (meaning everyone else around me), I managed to make it almost to work, and what would happen to me? My worst fear. Realizing I was almost to my exit, I hurried up and switched lanes to the far right. And go figure, there happened to be a semi in the lane next to me, not in his own damn lane, because he's in denial that he's so much slower than the rest of us, which automatically annoyed me to begin with. Minding my own business, almost to the exit, I happened to quickly turn my head to the left, because I had this sensation that I was boxed in all of a sudden. Funny thing was, I WAS boxed in! This idiot was totally drifting into my lane, probably about two inches from my poor car. And he didn't do what most do. You know, realize that, "oh shit, I'm gonna hit her!". No, what does he do instead? Gets closer, obviously not realizing he is pushing my off the side of the road! Freaking out, I sped up and went right at the same time, making it safely to the shoulder. It was then he finally realized what a douche he was. Too late then. He drove on, I got back on the road, got off the exit and went to work, my heart still pounding a mile a minute.


ScribblesNDots said...

Close calls are soo scary!! I'm glad you're safe!

ambsambs said...

I woulda shot that fool in the head if he did hit you. :]]
Well, not that I have a gun or anything. Although, throwing a rock through the ass's window might scare him. Hell, he deserves it! Anyway, glad you're safe. Hope all's well.
Love/Miss youuu,

Lil' Woman said...

I am always scared shitless about that happening, glad your safe tho.

Kelly said...

So scary. I had a similar experience about a month ago and I had to drive into the left shoulder to avoid the guy. Thank goodness! Glad you are okay!