May 20, 2009

Him and the dog.

First of all, Justin just called. Which is not a big deal, because he calls a million times a day, other than the fact that what he told me created the biggest cheesy smile on my face. He's currently in Washington, and he dropped a load this morning. Luckily, his driver manager gave him another load right away... and he's coming back home! (Side note- he was supposed to be home this past weekend, but they ignored his request and sent him to Washington, again. Grrr). Truck drivers are allowed 3 days home for every two weeks they're driving. Funny, though, because by the time Justin gets back Friday night, it will have been almost three weeks since his original departure. Excited doesn't even begin to explain how I feel! Plus, he'll be home through Monday night... and I have no class OR work on Monday. A full day of alone time- PERFECT.

And that means our furry kids, especially the dogs, will lose their much loved spot on the bed. They've been camping out on his side. For two reasons, I assume. They sense I'm upset and lonely, and they wanted to be up there in the first place but Justin was in their way. Hustler mainly. He likes to give me kiss attacks before I fall asleep, in the middle of the night, and when I wake up. He's a doll. Yet there's just something about a dog kiss. I adore my puppy, but GROSS. However, Justin enjoys it. They make out all the time. See? See the tongue action? Hustler even gets close, holds Justin's head, and wraps his leg. Dang, dog knows what he's doing. Sadies, the grumpy-old-lady, NEVER gives kisses. Ever. She's a bit weird. Too good for it I guess.
Speaking of my little dude (not so little, but he is only 6 months), I've been taking him to the dog park almost everyday for the past couple weeks. It's to the point that when I take him outside, but only to do his business, he'll walk by my car and just stare at it, as if to say "park, please, Mom?". I disappoint him when I say no. When we are actually going, though, he knows. As soon as he hears the clicking noise of me unlocking the doors... he runs to the back door and sits until I open it. SO cute. But sometimes he's rather sit shotgun. Climbing in between the seats to get there is his preferred method, even if I'm driving. There have been times I've been blinded by his butt as he's moving from back to front.
The dog park I go to is pretty nice, and it's huge. They have two separate parks-one for big dogs, one for little dogs. Definitely his favorite place. He's made so many friends =). Sadly, Sadies doesn't like other dogs much, so I can't take her along. (Who am I kidding. She probably enjoys her alone time). Old age and such have gotten the best of her. We call her Grandma sometimes. After all, she is 12. In people years, that's... old.
Anyways, excitement has taken over. Only 2.5 more days until I can jump into Justin's arms and squeeze the living daylights out of him, and kiss him until he can't breathe. Something to look forward to.


Mika said...

I feel for ya. My fiance and I were in a long distance relationship and I hardly ever saw him. It was so fun when we did though ;)

have fun.

Shalay said...

Yay! He's coming home! I'm so happy for you.

Taryn said...

I am excited for you! time apart is hard.

(I am with you on the dog kisses- to gross. But our dogs like to kiss. My mom lets them do it to her!)