April 30, 2009

Oh Goody, My First One!

So, I'm officially part of the world of bloggers. Starting a blog that will eventually, one day, someday be read by hundreds has always been a dream of mine. Well, not a dream, but a goal. I mean, I'm a good writer (or so my Mom tells me), I have many things happen to me which are definitely blog worthy, and the interesting things brewing in my brain can't just sit there forever. Hence, my blog is born. Yay me! And I must thank my friend and super-smart math buddy Shalay (Writefully Yours: The Misadventures of a Housewife in Training) for helping me get started. Reading her blogs made the decision to start mine a no-brainer.

A little about me, for starters. I'm 21 years old, and I live in Corona, CA. Las Vegas is home, though. I was raised there almost my entire life, although I was born in Oceanside, CA. My boyfriend's name is Justin (and you can bet I'm going to be referring to him a bunch, seeing as how he's usually the center of my annoyance AND my happy, funny stories), and we've been together for two and a half years. Time flies when you're having fun, right?! We've got two dogs, one of which is my grumpy old lady Sadies, an australian shephard mix, who I rescued stray about 4 years ago. The other is our 6 month old puppy, Hustler. He's a lab/rott/shephard mix, and for his age, he's already giant! He's in that I'm-going-to-chew-up-and-destroy-everything-that-means-anything-to-you stage, and I can't wait for it to be over. Driving home everyday, guessing what he's gotten into has become a game to me. But not a very fun one. Our cat, Wasabi, is about 4 years old. Wasabi is what you'd call lost, in a sense. For some reason, he seems to think he's a dog. But I'd much rather have him than a big baby cat that hides around the bed all day and doesn't even like me.

Currently, I attend Riverside Community College, with the hopes of transferring to a university in the near future. Yes, I do work, and yes, I hate my job. That's all we'll say about that. Justin recently took a job as an over-the-road truck driver, and he's gone anywhere from a week to three weeks at a time, and then home for 2-3 days. Of course I miss him. TERRIBLY. But it's worth the money he's making, for now. Such a great guy he is, traveling all lonely, showering at truck stops (gross) just so we can pay bills. Sweet, huh?

I'm at the point in life where I want change. No, sorry, I need change. Naw, I'm not getting all emo here, talking about how my life "sucks" blah blah. Physically, I'm talking about. Over the course of the past few years my weight has gotten a little... yeah, well, you get it. Not being one of those girls to just sit back an cry about it, I joined a gym a couple months ago, have been eating healthier, and just started having a "get up and go!" attitude. So far so good, but of course you're going to read some funny blogs about it.

Not much more to say right now. I just wanted to give everyone the run down of ME, in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy reading about me, my life, and all of it's crazy adventures. Every follower, every comment, and every blog read will make me smile! Thanks for reading!


Shalay said...

Yay, it starts! And you even have 3 columns! Shows how good for nothing I am, haha. Well missy, I look forward to reading more. Now you're going to be out and about and you will constantly think: I must remember to blog about this!

ScribblesNDots said...

Welcome to 20SB!!! It's great place to get started with blogging! A tip: To get people to read your blog, read theirs, comment!! Make yourself known!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hunny! Love your blog! And yes, you are a good writer. Love you tons!!

ambsambs said...

So my sissy started a blog. Sweet! Mom's right. You do write good. No, I'm sorry. You write amazingly. :]

Kelly said...

Hi AprilMarie,
I just wanted to say I stumbled upon your blog and I love it. You did some great stuff with the design. What are you doing at the gym? I have a blog too because I decided to start training for a sprint triathlon. You may want to check it out since I talk a lot about working out (or trying haha). http://redsoxcap.blogspot.com
Can't wait to see what adventures you have in store :)

Lil' Woman said...

Hey..I found you thru 20SB but I am an avid follower of you girl Shalay (shes hilarious)..I agree with Scribbles-n-Dots, if you want to gain more followers etc. go check out and follow and comment so other blogs...us bloggers feed off of comment love :)