May 28, 2009

My need for speed.

I've come to the realization that I get annoyed WAY too easily. Over nothing, usually. The silliest, most pointless thing will cause me to roll my eyes and think mean thoughts in my head (or sometimes say them aloud). Or if I'm driving, yelling out loud to drivers that can't even hear me seems to be an instant reaction (I've got a little road rage). I know, I'm awful. And having ZERO patience helps my cause none.

Take today for instance. As I'm driving home from work, I get behind this guy in an old Ford Taurus. Looking at him from behind, into his mirror, I can tell he's young. I was only about a quarter mile from my apartment complex, so I was forced to stay in the left lane to make the turn up ahead. Trust me, there have been a couple times I've been in the middle lane, almost commiting suicide trying to get over last second to turn just so I wasn't stuck behind some old man or soccer mom going WAY under the speed limit in the left lane. Anyways, being so close to home, no way was I chancing it.

Home was so close. The turn lane was just up ahead. I wanted so badly to gun it, to make it there faster. But nope. Instead for some unknown reason, I was stuck behind old man wannabe. I'd had enough. I got on his ass and yelled all kinds of things at him (but of course he couldn't see me). My fist automatically went for the horn. Right as I was about to, what do you know. The turn lane. Finally I'd made it. And me being me, I flipped him off even though there's no way he'd ever know it.

Tell me I'm not pathetic? I mean, that situation wasn't even a minute long, and I lost my cool. Normally I'd just get over and pass the idiot. But I couldn't. Hence my overreaction.

There's almost nothing worse than being behind someone going under the speedlimit. Actually, in my case, the speedlimit is too slow also. No, I don't think I'm some "badass" for going fast. One day it will bite me in the ass, I know. But I HATEhatehate having to go slow. Especially on the freeway. Me, I hang out in the fast lane, at all times. I've caught myself going almost 100 mph (ooops), not even knowing it. Going slow honestly just doesn't feel right. Yes, I'm the asshole you yell at everyday because I don't use my turn signal when switching lanes. Or maybe I weave in and out of traffic if I'm ultra impatient that day. I'M SORRY. Seriously. The need for speed just comes natural.

Frustration builds even more when I'm in the fast lane and some bonehead is going the speedlimit. In the fast lane. THE SPEED LIMIT. They're following the law. Congratulations to them. However, it is called the fast lane for a reason, people. Get the hell over. Now. Hurry, go!
I want one of these on my windshield. (It would be perfect. That way I wouldnt have to stare at them in their mirror and point to the right, yelling "Get the f**k over!"). People would be caught off gaurd, right?:

Do any of you feel the same way? Or better yet, anybody have road rage as bad as I do? Please tell me I'm not the only one! Haha.


The Alleged Ringleader said...

DITTO! I drive 1 hour each way in traffic to work. Most of the time I am chill, I'm in traffic and can't go too fast anyways. But every now and again I freakin lose my shit and unleash on people! When I'm not in traffic, I don't go below 80 on the freeway and 50 on the streets and everyone else needs to get the f*ck out of my way!

Sarah Lynn said...

What's worse is when they're going way UNDER the speed limit on the fast lane, that's when I get irritated. If ya gonna be slow, get in the right lane. I think anyone over 50 should be required by law to stay in the right lane, but that's probably stereotyping, lol:P.

Lil' Woman said...

That would be hilarious to have on your windsheild! : )

Taryn said...

hahaha- I love that picture! I think my sister needs that on her windshield!

Chandra said...

You should read the post I wrote about Barbie in a monster truck...