May 12, 2009

Procrastination, the devil on my shoulder

There's one thing I've always been great at: procrastinating, everything and anything that isn't "life or death". Sadly, I've gotten very good at being a procrastinator when it comes to certain things. Take, for instance, writing essays for my English class. Hypothetically, say I'm assigned an essay on a Monday, with the rough draft due on a Wednesday (which happens all the time). It involves research, long, organized thought dumps, and must be at least 5 paragraphs. Do I start it Monday after class, like most would assume? Nope. How about Tuesday, anytime? Not at all, but if I do, not until the evening. So when does that leave me? Oh, only about a few hours before class Wednesday. Oddly enough, this is how my best writing comes out. My last three essays (one of which was an in-class essay which we were allowed to bring notes on the material, and I arrived to class with nothing, "accidentally") have been awesome! Getting each one back, I found a big fat "A" with a happy face from the professor, all while giving myself a pat on the back.

But my procrastination doesn't always work to my advantage. Not often at all, really. I'm almost ashamed to be saying this. Things like "oh, I'll do it later", or "it can wait until tomorow" have been known to come out of my mouth quite often. The other day, I took my puppy to the dog park. Some other bully dog knocked him into a muddy puddle. I managed to get most of his fur clean, but he of course still needed a bath. This was a few days ago. Has Hustler had a bath? Not yet. So now I've got a puppy that looks clean but is really covered in dog slobber, dust, and whatever else, sleeping on my bed... UGH. But, my fault.
Just little things like that that happen constantly. Often times it makes me feel horrible, but I have no one to blame but my own self. "I'll mail the _ bill off tomorow". A week later. Oops. "Don't worry babe, my math homework isn't due for three weeks". Due date, not finished. Oops. "Hallmark closes in an hour. I'll just go tomorow". Three days later. Now it's a belated card I'm buying. Oops. Justin always tells me "Babe, you could have just done it when you knew about it and it would have been done. Ugh.". DUH. Commen sense. But when you're a procrastinator, it takes over and pushes the commen sense into a tiny spot in the back corner of the brain. Again, oops.


ScribblesNDots said...

I'm right there with you girl!! I can put things off like a pro!

In college I do remember some of my best work coming out under pressure!

I think procrastination is a disease....

Al said...

oh gosh that picture just summed up my life at the moment!!

i have even taken the day off school to due assignments and what am i doing? reading blogs!

Miss. Pretty said...

I procrastinate like no other, ha!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Look forward to reading more!

Lauren From Texas said...

HAHA! I am such a procrastinator. I LOVE that picture. Soooo true.

Thanks for the comment. :) You're hilarious. Let's be blog friends!

Lil' Woman said...

Most of my best work comes at the last minute!

Love the picture!! :)

Katie said...

That picture is AMAZING!

I know exactly what you mean about procrastinating. In fact, my responding to this? Procrastinating doing actual work. *sigh*