May 14, 2009

Blessing in disguise & oh how I miss him...

Thursday nights at 6:30pm I have my Intro to Business class at the community college I'm currently attending. We had a two-page paper (single spaced, 11 font (freaking tiny- he's crazy!), I might add!) that was due tonight. Granted, I've had a whole week to do it. The subject was a little complicated for me, though. There were 5 separate questions to be answered, all of which had to do with the recent events involving Chrysler, the United Auto Workers Union, labor relations, the effect of this, the result of that... whatever. Researching this topic made it even MORE confusing, let me tell you. I found all kinds of mixed, jumbled stories. I couldn't quite piece together what it all meant. (Yes, I have a point). So, seven days go by... and me being the procrastinator that I truly am, put it off each and every day. Come tonight, I'm ready to leave for class- with no paper in hand. Oops. Surprise Surprise.

Walking up to classroom, I see people from class just sitting around on benches, waiting. This is nothing new, as the professor is often a little late. There were about 10 of us, all airheads it turns out. No one bothered to get up and walk through the double doors to his classroom door. Someone finally did, and he came back out and said "There's a note on the door. Class is cancelled". WHAT?! A mini celebration erupted in my head. My lucky day! Now I've got even more days to (NOT) do the assignment. Lovely. (Knowing my luck, he'll email us tomorrow asking for our assignments by email. Wouldn't that be wonderful). Temporarily, though, the joy is still there. It made my night.

On another note, I really, tremendously miss Justin. A little over a month ago (feels like so much longer) he started truck driving again. Money got tight recently, and he makes much more driving. Justin has his Class A license, even though for the past 2 years he hasn't driven a semi. But with money being sparse and the economy sucking ass, he decided to give trucking another go. He's doing over-the-road, which means he travels from state to state. Meaning:
He never knows when he'll be home. He never knows the next place he's going until they let him know. He has to shower in strange places, and do all his business in bathrooms that aren't his. Sleeping isn't the greatest, either. He sleeps in a bed in his truck, which looks like this:
I feel horrible. And besides just feeling bad for him, I'm miserable myself!! I've yet to adjust, and he's been doing this for almost two months. I sleep alone almost every night, with only my dogs keeping me company. Yes, the extra money is nice. But not really. I'd give anything to just have him back home with me, the way it should be... Missing him is SO hard. We talk about a million times a day between phone calls/texting, which does help. But crap.
I don't know how other women, such as military wives, do it. I now have tons of respect for each and every one of them now that I'm somewhat experiencing what they go through... Some for months at a time.
Forget all that. I want my baby back. Home. With me, where he should be. =(

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Anonymous said...

one time, i went to class. everyone outside had papers in their hands & i FREAKED OUT. my friend & i were so dumb & forgot. so, we quickly left before the professor saw us & then called him from our apartment saying we had car problems & wouldn't be able to hand in our papers. fake crying, the whole bit. he was understanding (of our lies) & gave us an extension. we went to barnes & noble to work on our papers AND WE SAW HIM THERE. he didn't catch on, but holy crap, what a sign from above.

i was always the biggest procrastinator in school. huge. i could've used a support group, haha.