June 15, 2009

Mr.Sun, where are you?

The weather here in Southern California the last couple weeks has been gloomy, to say the least. It's almost depressing. Hmph. Mr.Sun has only managed to peek out from behind the overcast sky all but a few times. And I'm the type of person that whether I want it to or not, the weather slightly effects my mood. Not negatively, like depression, per say; it just makes me... blah. You get the idea. I don't even like the heat. No, I HATE it. Yet, at the same time, I still need sunshine in my life!

Funny thing is, I only remember one day the it actually rained, and it was only a tiny bit for a tiny bit of time. Doesn't count. It's just plain old GLOOMY. So what's the purpose of the clouds? Can someone explain? Oh, and, odd -- it's June. Here. And it's been almost 20 degrees below average. Not too happy about that!

(Call me slow, but I heard the weather man call it 'June Gloom'. Didn't know they had a name for it? This happens every year? Where have I been?)

Kinda puts a damper on summer. Stupid sun, you big chicken. Okay. I'm done whining about the weather. Promise.

Justin has officially been back "living" at home everyday for a week now. Of course he always lived here. But when someone is gone for 2-3 weeks, comes home for a couple days, then leaves again, it feels more like they're visiting. And that they don't live there. But anyways, it's been a week. Today was his first official day at his new job. So excited for him (and us!).

A little weirdness, though - it's taking a little longer than I thought to adjust to him being back home every night. I miss my Sancho. He was pretty bummed to find out Justin wasn't going to be on the road anymore. Oh well.

KIDDING, of course!! Jeez. But no, really. Little things like making dinner every night again, for TWO people instead of just myself (Because even when he would come home for a couple days, we'd usually eat out. Shame on us, right?). Or doing laundry other than just my own. Even getting a goodnight kiss each night again. Don't get me wrong, I love doing all of the above listed (especially that last one ;-)), and they're things I've done from the beginning of our relationship... but it's still sorta kinda weird.

Nevertheless, I'm the happiest girl alive. Well, the happiest alive girl that I'm familiar with. So sue me. SO blessed to have him back home with me. He was only trucking for a few months (I know, I can be a drama queen. I make it seem like he was gone for years), but it felt like FOREVER and ever. I honestly have so much respect and compassion for the women who's husbands and boyfriends leave them for months at a time. I couldn't do it, I don't think..

The other night, Justin's Mom and sisters spent the night. They slept in the spare bedroom. But they made one big mistake before going to bed. Something I had previously warned them about.

They left their shoes/sandals in the living room. At night. When our puppy Hustler does any dirty work he has planned. He probably saw those shoes before everyone went to bed and thought, YUM. Snack time! I so wish I had a picture to show you. For some reason I forgot to take one.

They weren't mad, really. With one look at Hustler's face, you simply can't be mad. His Mom's shoes survived the attack and are still wearable. The sisters luckily had spare shoes and went across the street to the shoe store to buy more sandals. ...I had to giggle about it, though. Like I said, I did warn them. We learned from day one - keep shoes in closet when not on feet. No ifs, ands or buts.

Speaking of which, and this is the honest truth, Hustler is actually chewing on a pair of Justin's shoes that he claimed a few weeks ago, as I type this. Justin took them off next to the dresser, went on the computer... and it was too late. I laughed then, too. {I didn't laugh, however, when we had to go to the store and pay an arm and a leg for new shoes because Justin is the pickiest guy I've. Ever. Met. ...Seriously.}

I'm looking forward to this coming weekend. My dad and brother are coming to visit. They'll be staying with my Grandparent's about 30 minutes away from me house. My aunt is planning a nice father's day dinner as well. Something to look forward to! =)


Shalay said...

Yup, June Gloom happens every year, but this year seems particularly bad. My dad explained it to me last week, he said it happens because the ocean temperature rises 1-2 degrees and it creates all these clouds for some reason. I dunno, I wasn't paying too much attention. lol. I just can't wait for it to go away, because it definitely makes me feel blah too!

Stace said...

Give Zachary a hug for me, oh and by the way it's 80 here. :)