June 9, 2009

I never cease to surprise myself.

The last week or so have been hectic, to say the least. I'm not able to recall the last time (recently) I was able to relax (using the word loosely). Between researching and writing two essays, studying my butt off for my math final, working, and just doing day-to-day things, life's been crazy. As I'm sure you can tell from the previous blog.

Yet things just got a whole lot better. Seriously. In more ways than one. I just want to jump up and down for joy. There's been a big cheesy smile on my face for, uh, the whole damn day. Nothing's better than smiling after not having much to smile about lately.

Why am I oh-so-happy? A few reasons actually. The one most important to me involves Justin. If you read the last post, you know that he came home this weekend. But it didn't happen the way I thought. Put it this way - he's great at surprises and keeps secrets well. The opposite of me. But anyways, Friday night through Saturday I spoke to him on the phone every few hours or so, like normal. All day Saturday, my Aunt and I were hanging out. We did lunch at Corner Bakery, went to an art/craft/jewlrey show in Irvine, then went to my Grandparents for dinner. All in all, an amazing day. I called Justin on my way home, of course. I was under the impression he was up north somewhere.

Well, when I walked in the door... I knew immediately he'd been there. There was a clean puppy training pad on the floor; the kitchen light was on; the laptop screen was open with the virus scan running. My stomach got butterflies. Not the first time he's pulled something like this. He loves to get me thinking one thing, then surprise me and make me go all girly and happy. I thought maybe he was hiding somewhere. Nope, nowhere to be found. So I called him.

"Me: Hey babe. So I know you were here. You left a trail. Where are you? Did you go to run an errand? I'm so happy you're home! I want to see you NOW! (and yes I said it just like that. I was so happy it sounded like one run-on sentence).

Him: Oh, yeah, shit. Didn't mean to leave that stuff on, I was in a hurry. I'm not there anymore. I was able to stop by real quick on the way to my next stop in San Diego. Sorry babe. Didn't mean to get your hopes up.

Me: Yeah, right. I'm not falling for it, honestly. There's NO way you can go from up north to San Diego that fast. Impossible. And you didnt tell me about any load going to San Diego. I know you're somewhere around here, probably sitting in you truck...

Him: No, I'm really in San Diego babe. I just got here. I won't be home for a couple days."

This went back and forth for about five minutes or so, with him trying to convince me he wasn't in town, and with me telling him I'm not stupid, until finally he told me his Mom was calling and he would call me back. Right then the front door opened. Ahh, it was SO great to hug and kiss him. I love him and his surprises, even if I did figure it out. He told me he was kicking himself in the ass for not remembering to hide the evidence. Silly guys, they never remember the obvious.

Us, right after he got home.

Okay, another (major) thing making me happy... i passed my math class. All my hard work, hours of homework, hours of being tutored, and actually pretending to care about math payed off. The grades were actually posted online last night, but silly me forgot to check and went to bed. So naturally the first thing I did this morning when I woke up? Checked me grade. Problem? The website was down. Crap. So I was forced to wait until I got off work. But when I did check... I saw the big letter C and couldnt help but shriek like a teenage girl. SUCH a wonderful feeling. Now I can move on with life no longer freaking out about math. Until September, at least.

Another AWESOME thing happened yesterday as well. This goes along with Justin coming home. I had mentioned in the previous post that the reason he was coming home was a great one, but I didnt want to get my hopes up. Well, turns out I didn't. What was the reason? His brother has been trying to get him a job where he works (construction - good money, great hours, and he'd be home every night with me!). Justin came home to go to the interview for said job... and he got the job!! Go ahead, jump up and down with me! This means not only will he back home with me everyday, but he'll be making a lot more money, which we desperatly need right now. He starts this week. Yes =)


I leave you with a couple of the cutest pictures you've ever seen. I simply love them to death. Here's why:

(King Wasabi)

(Wasabi beating up Hustler. Actually, they play, and it's quite cute!)

This will forever gross me out, yet I still kiss him. I have to, I guess you could say (hehehe ;-))


Shalay said...

I'm sooo happy for you and your great news! I just realized that we both had stressed out posts, followed by happy, relieved posts. Too funny. And that pic of your cat and dog is hilarious! You're lucky you caught it on camera!

Bluebelle said...

That's fantastic, it'll be so lovely for you having him home!

Lil' Woman said...

Glad your hunny is home to you now! :)

Mika said...

yaaay! congrats on all the good news!

Sarah Lynn said...

That sounds like great news. I'm glad math worked out. I hate math and passing was always a struggle for me, too. Glad things worked out for you! :)